a little night music

Geelong Performing Arts Centre, National Theatre and Whitehorse Centre, February-March 2018
Watch This


It is midsummer in Sweden. On a magical night that smiles three times, an ageing actress, a married virgin, a sex-starved divinity student and a buffoonish count are drawn into a tangled and hilarious web of love affairs. Featuring a lush score including A Weekend In The Country, Liaisons and the ever-popular Send In The Clowns, A Little Night Music is a romantic tour-de-force.

Nadine Garner, John O’May, Jackie Rees and Eddie Muliaumaseali’i lead a stellar ensemble cast as this delightful and at times, heartbreaking musical is reimagined by acclaimed Sondheim repertory company, Watch This.

director – Nicholas Cannon
musical director - Daniele Buatti
choreographer - Michael Ralph
with – Nadine Garner, John O'May,Jackie Reese, Nelson Gardner, Eddie Muliamaseall'l, Carina Waye, Johanna Allen, Grace O-Donnel-Clancy, Anna Francesca Armenia, Adrian Barila, Kate Louise Macfarlane, Greta Wilkinson, Kerrie Bolton and Raphael Wong.
set designer – Christina Logan Bell
costume designer - Emily Collett
lighting designer – Rob Sowinski with Bryn Cullen
stage manager - Janel Gibson
production manager - Tanje Ruddick
assistant stage manager - Rachel Nagy
production photos - Jodie Hutchinson


'A talented cast, gorgeous costumes and music, and astute direction from Nicholas Cannon make this feel less no-frills than it is.'
Cameron Woodhead, The Age

'Emily Collett’s costumes delineate class and make use of an attractive palette of pastel colours. Befitting her grand theatrical lifestyle, Desiree’s capes are a visual highlight..'
Simon Parris, Man in Chair

'Costume design by Emily Collett is delightful, with colourful and bright outfits from the turn of the century, with distinct looks for each performer.'
Ellen Burgin, Theeatre People

'The veils on the set by Christina Logan Bell poetically reflect the veil of superiority aristocracy brings. With the eye-catching costumes by Emily Collett and lighting by Rob Sowinski, the grandeur of these characters is visually accentuated.'
Owen James, Theatre Press