Pie in the Sky Productions, The Dog Theatre 2010


A disturbing and often surreal psychodrama, demens takes you behind the walls of Elysian Fields, a private psychiatric hospital, where not all is what it seems...  Valerie is a feminist. She is also homicidal. Gabriel is the sadistic nurse who wants to save her soul. Osmond is the respected doctor tormented by secret desires. Allan is going to be ‘cured’ of his homosexuality by undergoing electro shock treatment. 

Writer Amadeo Astorino
Director Bruce Landon
With Nicholas Barker-Pendree, Sarah Bollenberg, Glen Hancox, Ian Rooney
Set and Costume Designer Emily Collett
Lighting Designer Jason Bovaird


'In the end, the play returns to where it began but things are not as they were and nothing is quite what you had expected. In the cosy oasis in Footscray that is The Dog Theatre, Demens is a raw, powerful and slightly unsettling experience. It is indie theatre at its best.'
Australian Stage