Red Stitch Actors Theatre, 2014

Eurydice and Orpheus are in love; life is as beautiful as nature dreamt it.
But there is a Nasty Interesting Man who has been watching Eurydice.  And he has something she wants.

A magical and surprising retelling of the ancient myth, Eurydice is the story of Orpheus’ wife.

Eurydice is a fable about love, loss, longing and the pleasures and pains of memory.

Writer Sarah Ruhl
Director Luke Kerridge
With Ngaire Dawn Fair, Olga Makeeva, Dion Mills, Johnathan Peck, Alexandra Aldrich, Sam Duncan and Alex Menglet
Set and Costume Designer Emily Collett
Lighting Designer Clare Springett
Sound Designer Ian Moorhead
Stage Manager Elizabeth Downes

Production photographs Jodie Hutchinson



(Eurydice) is a feat made easier by Emily Collett’s inspired design.’
Byron Bache, The Herald Sun

The set design is simple yet indelible, with water welling beneath the tiered stage like the characters' sadness… This is a reminder exactly how sublime theatre can be.’
Rebecca Harkins-Cross, The Age

Emily Collett’s multi levelled set, with it’s various platforms suspended above real water, is quite breathtaking…the creation of a “room” (there are no ‘rooms’ in hell, yet Eurydice craves privacy) from unravelling balls of string from the roof is quite magical, and Kerridge uses the design so imaginatively that we believe completely in this underworld.’
Coral Drouyn, Stage Whispers

‘Ruhl apparently devised her script specifically so that set designers may have a field day in conceiving the playing space for this story, and certainly Emily Collett has done just that. Surely this is the pinnacle of what the Red Stitch ensemble have been able to achieve in their charming, but limited confines…Collett has also given the cast costumes that, while obviously made on a budget, are nevertheless beautifully designed, building immensely upon the portrayal of each character and amplifying the visual charm.’
Adam Rafferty, Theatre People