how to survive an earthquake

Melbourne Writers' Theatre, La Mama Courthouse 2013


Melbourne playwright Christine Croyden’s How to Survive an Earthquake revolves around sisters Steph and Jane, who fell out more than twenty years ago and need to make a seismic shift to repair their relationship.

Caught between first and third world politics, the play tells a tough, tender but uncompromising story about sacrifice, the barriers to forgiveness and how difficult it is to love.

Writer Christine Croyden
Director Glenda Linscott
With Jessica Gerger, Sarah Plummer, Andrew Robb and Wayne Pearn
Set and Costume Designer Emily Collett
Lighting Designer Jason Bovaird
Sound designer Dom Buckham
Original Music The Berlin Sirens


‘…a fantastic, revelatory production… Emily Collett’s set and costume design is just perfect – never less than at full service to the play…  I haven’t seen a production in years that is so superbly matched by its creative intelligence and sophistication technically – and the little Courthouse Theatre obviously relishes the opportunity to have its physical boundaries challenged by such inspirational passion and skill.
And if the play’s final moment, within a heart-melting fade to black, doesn’t reduce you to tears, then great drama possibly isn’t your thing.’
Stage Whispers