Poppyseed Festival 2015 at The Butterfly Club, return season 2016 at The Butterfly Club.  Appearing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival March 2017, Regional Arts Victoria Tour 2017 and La Mama Courthouse May 2017
Produced by 15 Minutes From Anywhere

Based on Kenneth Mackay’s 400-page Australian classic of 19th century literature, The Yellow Wave is an epic saga of LoveHeroism and SacrificeA prescient tale of War, Passion and Boat Arrivals featuring a huge cast of characters, exciting set pieces, a vast array of questionable accents, just two actors and one very patient narrator, The Yellow Wave is an invasion like no other.

director – Beng Oh
writer – Jane Miller
with – Keith Brockett and John Marc Desengano
narrated by – Andrea McCannon
set and costume designer – Emily Collett
lighting designer – Matthew Barber
production photos - Lachlan Woods


Nominated: Best Ensemble, Green Room Awards 2015

'A wave of entertainment … a laugh a minute journey navigated by three incredibly talented actors' – Theatre People

'Had the audience laughing almost without pause for its entire length … Don’t miss it' – Stage Whispers

'I lost my shit … so many levels of hysterical I just can’t even' – The Plus Ones