Northcote Town Hall, August 2017
Darebin Speakeasy

You've found your place, your tribe, your Niche...

Niche is a pop star. She writes songs about what it’s like to be her, and it’s made her famous. Now, millions of people care way too much about what she does, who she’s with, and what she ate for breakfast.

Jodee doesn’t know about pop music. She does know about science; to be precise, she knows about dangerous viruses. That’s why she’s been hired by Niche’s management.

Niche is a sharp and deeply affecting comedy about celebrity and connection in the digital age.


co-creator / performer - Eryn Jean Norvill
co-creator / performer -  Emily Tomlins
director – Nic Holas
soundtrack by Eryn Jean Norvill, Marcel Dorney and Robin Waters
sound designer/  dramaturg - Marcel Dorney
lighting designer - Amelia Lever-Davidson with Nick Glen
set designer - Owen Phillips
costume designer - Emily Collett
choreographer - Helen Duncan
production manager - Bindi Green
creative producer - Samantha Butterworth
videographer - Sam Mcgilp
animator - Sebastian Berto
fight choreographer - Scott Witt
sound consultant - James Paul
publicity - Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)
production images – Jodie Hutchinson and Sam Mcglip


'Emily Collett’s costumes for Niche are spot on and would make Gaga’s wardrobe team envious'
Rueben Liversidge, Arts Hub

'Niche is a surreal two-hander that grabs the audience and thrusts it into the all-consuming maw of celebrity.'
Cameron Woodhead, The Age

'Niche’s fabulous but just this side of ridiculous costumes are by Emily Collett'
Michael Brindley, Stage Whispers

'The play ends with a brilliant scene of apology, but there’s nothing to apologise for when you’re creating work of this calibre. Dazzling, flawless, insightful, probing. If only all pop were this good.'
Tim Byrne, TimeOut

'There were no weak links in this team. The show soundtrack was a combination of all my favourite pop icons: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Nikki Minaj. The music, costumes, and dance choreography were the complete spectacle that brought back memories of attending Selena Gomez (yes, I confess I attended Selena’s concert last year). This is all thanks to the work of Robin Waters, Marcel Dorney, and Eryn Jean Norvill in the sound department; Emily Collett in costume; and Helen Duncan as dance choreographer.'
Amber Bock, The Plus Ones