this is where they are

Masters of Choreography, Victorian College of the Arts, 2008.

This is Where They Are is an installation piece that explores the writing of Tarjei Vesaas.  A Norwegian writer with a gift for detail, his novel The House in the Dark stimulates this work. Written during the war, its controversial words saw it buried in a zinc box for 5 years until it was published in 1947.  Filled with deranged yet fascinating characters this work explores the many physical traits they posess and their inhabiting of the house.

The work enters a deep, embodied performative state in which thick physical environments are created, through an exploration of improvisation an intricate physical style is developed that is both interesting and immersive.

Choreographer Caley O'Neill
With Alex O’Neill-King, Susan Van Den Ham and Jessica Devereux
Set and Costume Design Emily Collett and Caley O'Neill
Composer Camille Robinson
Lighting Design Alexandre Malta and Caley O’Neill